Self Harm Scar Camouflage & Tattoo

Can self harm scars be camouflaged?

In most cases, the appearance of self harm scars can be improved. It may not be possible to hide them completely but the eye can be drawn away so that they are no longer as obvious. This can give you more confidence to wear what you want instead of having to cover the scarred area.  

There are various methods that can be used and we work together to figure out the best one for you. It may be scar revision with Microneedling, Micropigmentation or a decorative cover up tattoo.

Camouflaging self harm scars with Microneedling & Micropigmentation

Microneedling [dry tattooing] is a gentle approach which can help scars to improve naturally. This is great if you don’t want a decorative cover up tattoo. Indented areas of scarring can begin to smooth out. White scarring can start to re-pigment and blend in more naturally to the surrounding skin.

However, it’s important to note that not all scars are suitable for this treatment. In general, the best results happen with scars on skin that tans easily. This is because this kind of skin contains melanin which helps the scar to re-colour to match the surrounding skin. Pale scars on pale skin don’t respond as well and may not see any change.  

You will probably begin to see improvement after one session, but I recommend a course of 3 treatments to see the best results.  

If the area does not regain its natural colour, Micropigmentation can be used. This is implanting gentle skin coloured pigments to blend the scar into the surrounding area. Again, this works best for scars on skin which tans easily.

For more information on MCA Microneedling [dry tattooing] click here

Cover up tattoos for self harm scars

A decorative tattoo can be a great way of covering self harm scars and reclaiming your confidence. As a custom artistic tattooist, I can work with you to create a design which will work with your scars and achieve the best results possible. 

View my gallery for examples of my decorative tattoo work.

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