Scar Cover Up Tattoos | Holmfirth Huddersfield Yorkshire

I can design a custom decorative tattoo design specifically to cover up a scar, based on your ideas. A treatment plan can also involve medical tattooing if needed in order to smooth or improve the texture of scars and prepare them for a successful cover up tattoo.

Examples of Scar Cover Up Tattoos include

  • Creating decorative mastectomy tattoos to hide surgery scars on the breast after breast cancer
  • Decorative Body Art Tattoos to cover scars.
  • Decorative tattoos to cover self harm scars.

If you want to camouflage and improve the appearance of a scar without necessarily having a decorative tattoo, I can achieve a natural look by using Medical Tattooing techniques. You can find out more about Medical Tattooing for Scars and Burns here.