Scar Camouflage | Helen Aldous – Medical Tattooist | Holmfirth, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Scar Camouflage can help to disguise scarring. I use various techniques such as MCA Microneedling and Mosaic Micropigmentation as well as tattoo, in order to improve the appearance of scars and burns after surgery and trauma.

These techniques can help to smooth the appearance of a scar, encouraging it to flatten. It may be able to repigment naturally. If the skin is lacking in pigment [a white scar], subtle skin coloured inks can be introduced to help it blend into the surrounding area. Scars anywhere on the body, as long as they are well healed, can benefit.

Scars on or around the nipples after surgery can be treated. For example, scars from mastectomy, breast enlargement or reduction surgery or gender reassignment surgery [top surgery]. Decorative Tattoos can also be used to disguise scars.

You can find  more details regarding nipple tattoos and mastectomy tattoos on my dedicated site.

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